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ARI Database for Nearby Stars

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Gliese, GJ, Woolley, HIP, FK, PPM, BS, HR, HD, HDE, BD, CoD, CPD,

LHS, LTT, NLTT, LP, Giclas, Vys, Ross, Discoverer, ADS, CCDM, WDS, Variable_stars,

White_dwarfs, Constellation (e.g. alpha Cen), Proper_name (e.g. Sirius), Position (RA, Dec),

Distance (from the Sun).

Baustelle! Warnung!    Under Construction! Warning!

The ARICNS and their WWW pages are still under construction. Significant errors are possible.

The ARICNS is an on-line database for providing information on nearby stars. More information on the ARICNS is given on the following pages:

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Updated: 22 August 1998