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ARI Data Base for Nearby Stars

Why are not all the stars in the ARICNS actually nearby ?

There are various reasons why a star contained in the ARICNS may not be actually a nearby star:

The most trivial reason is, of course, an unrecognized error in the adopted parallax.

There are, however, many ARICNS stars for which it is already known that they are not nearby: The main reasons for their inclusion into the present version of the ARICNS are that these stars were either contained in an earlier version of a catalogue of nearby stars or that they were once candidates for nearby stars. In order to be able to trace the 'whereabouts' of these 'formerly nearby stars', the catalogues of nearby stars kept the records of these stars. The ARICNS is following this 'book-keeping' practice for stars now not anymore considered to be nearby objects.

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Updated: 22 August 1998