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Printed versions of the Catalogues of Nearby Stars

Two of the Catalogues of Nearby Stars (CNS) have been published in printed form: CNS1 (W. Gliese: [First] Catalogue of Nearby Stars, 1957), and CNS2 (W. Gliese: [Second] Catalogue of Nearby Stars, Edition 1969). The CNS1 and CNS2 together contain the so-called 'Gliese stars' (Gliese or Gl). Both catalogues are out-of-print.

In 1979, a Supplement to the CNS2 was published by W. Gliese and H. Jahreiß. This Supplement contains the so-called 'Gliese-Jahreiß stars' (GJ).

The CNS3 was not published in printed form. It is, however, available on a CD-ROM (Title: Selected Astronomical Catalogs), prepared in 1991 by the NASA Astronomical Data Center,

The CNS4 is in preparation. It is planned to publish this catalogue in printed form in the series 'Veröffentlichungen des Astronomischen Rechen-Instituts Heidelberg', probably in the year 1999.

Those who would like to use a Catalogue of Nearby Stars intensively for their own work, should obtain a machine-readable version of the complete catalog by file transfer (e.g. by ftp). For details see the corresponding WWW page.

Some general descriptions and evaluations of the Catalogues of Nearby Stars can be found in papers by W. Gliese, H. Jahreiß, R. Wielen, B. Fuchs, and other authors.

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Updated: 25 August 1998