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Index of ARICNS stars with a    proper name

ARICNS stars with a proper name

If you click on the the link to the following name of the ARICNS star in which you are interested, then the page with the ARICNS information for this star is shown. If the corresponding name does not occur in the list below, the star is either not an ARICNS star, or the star is not identified in the ARICNS. You may try to use another designation for the star.

Aldebaran A
Aldebaran B
Algol AB

Barnard's star

Capella A
Capella B
Castor A
Castor B
Castor C


Kapteyn's star
Krüger 60 A
Krüger 60 B

Lalande 21185

Mizar Aa
Mizar Ab
Mizar B
[Alcor (near Mizar)]

Procyon A
Procyon B
Proxima Centauri
[alpha Cen A (near Proxima Cen)]
[alpha Cen B (near Proxima Cen)]

Regulus A
Regulus B
Regulus C

Sirius A
Sirius B


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Updated: 28 August 1998