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ARI Data Base for Nearby Stars

Sources on which the ARICNS is based

The star pages of the ARICNS are based on two sources:

The first part of a star page is based on an updated version (H. Jahreiß,1998, unpublished) of the contents of the CNS3 (1991) , derived from ground-based measurements alone.

The second part of a star page gives the results contained in the main part of the HIPPARCOS Catalogue (ESA, 1997) , if the star has been measured by the HIPPARCOS Astrometry Satellite.

In the present, preliminary version of the ARICNS, the data of the two parts are still not 'harmonized'. For example, the HIPPARCOS parallaxes and proper motions (if listed), and the resulting space motion (U, V, W), should usually be preferred with respect to those listed in the first part of the star page.

A detailed explanation of the contents of the star pages will follow. At present, the user may use the explanations for the CNS3 and for the HIPPARCOS Catalogue. However, many of the items given on the star pages of the ARICNS are rather 'self-explaining'.

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Updated: 22 August 1998