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ARI-Heidelberg Veröffentlichungen, No. 23

Author(s): Brosche, P.
Title: Programs for the Determination of Systematic Differences and Application to W350 - FK4
Source: Veröffentlichungen des Astronomischen Rechen-Instituts Heidelberg, Nr. 23, Verlag G. Braun, Karlsruhe, 16 Seiten
Year: 1970
Abstract: The aim of the described sequence of programs is the determination of systematic differences in a statistically reliable manner. Considerations on the economy of the numerical calculations are also important for the design of the programs. The values of spherical harmonics up to the degrees (m,n) = (12, 22) are stored for FK4-stars on magnetic tape. In case of comparisons with such stars this tape will be used. Otherwise, the values needed are calculated. The further way along the sequence is the same. Step by step ortho- normalised vectors are constructed from the values of the harmonics; it is tested whether or not they are significantly contained in the difference-datas. The search depends on parameters and is carried out in an appropriate scheme to prevent the testing of too many functions. The subsequent computations lead to the following output: a) quantities related to the series representation (indices, coefficients and their errors, significance levels), b) the figure of the significance levels in dependence on the indices, c) the systematic differences and, by evaluation of the covariance matrix of the coefficients, their standard deviations, d) the elements of the covariance matrix, e) the values for each star divided into the systematic and the individual part. The application to the comparison W350-FK4 shows a rather "discrete" spectrum of coef- ficients. Also in the mean magnitude there are significant variations with the position on the sphere. The values of systematic differences obtained here are compared with the values of the authors of the catalogue W350.
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