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Paper 1997001

Author(s): ESA
Title: The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues. Astrometric and Photometric Star Catalogues derived from the ESA Hipparcos Astrometry Mission. Vol. 1-17.
Source: ESA SP-1200
Year: 1997
Preprint issued:
Remarks: This catalogue has no individual authors. In the Appendix C of Vol. 1, the following members of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut are listed as contributors to the Catalogue by name: Bastian, U., Bernstein, H.-H., Dettbarn, C., Erbach, M., Fricke, W., Gliese, W., Hering, R., Jahreiß, H., Lederle, T., Lenhardt, H., Röser, S., Schwekendiek, P., Walter, H.G., Wielen, R.

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