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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie B, No. 29

Author(s): Lohmann, W.
Title: Untersuchungen über den Aufbau offener Sternhaufen
Source: Astron. Nachr. 292, 193-204
Year: 1971
Abstract: From strip counts in 20 open star clusters the characteristic parameters of their structure are derived. At the boundaries of the clusters the relative potential amounts to 0.32 on the average. The effective mean distance of the stars from the centre of the cluster introduced by Schwarzschild corresponds nearly to the radius of the cluster. The counts in two clusters allow to continue the cumulative mass functions up to MV=8, and their exponential convergence is used for the determination of the cluster masses. The same has been done for the Pleiades and seven clusters according to the counts of van den Bergh and Sher. The mean velocities and the mean periods of revolution T of the cluster stars are of the order 0.90 km/s and 12*106 years respectively. Between the latter and the mean (mass) density rhos the relation T*sqrt(rhos)=20*106 is valid. During 1*109 years the mean cluster loses 50% of its stars by relaxation.
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