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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie B, No. 26

Author(s): Fricke, W.
Title: A Rediscussion of Newcomb's Determination of Precession
Source: Astron. Astrophys. 13, 298-308
Year: 1971
Abstract: This paper rediscusses Newcomb's determination of precession in an effort to ascertain the reason for the deviation of Newcomb's results from those of recent investigations. Newcomb's basic material consists of the Bradley Stars included in Auwer's catalogue. This rediscussion uses a sample of 265 Bradley Stars, which are present in FK4 and FK4 Sup with distances greater than about 100 pc. The proper motions are analysed in the system of Auwers, Newcomb, and FK4. A solution neglecting galactic rotation confirms Newcomb's results within the prevailing accuracy. Newcomb's neglect of galactic rotation explains part of the deviation from recent determinations; however, the main part is explained by deficiencies in Auwer's proper motion system, and by deficiencies in Newcomb's determination of the equinox N1. Recommendations are given at the end of the paper for investigations that are to be based on proper motions freed from the effects of incorrect precession and from the zero point error in alpha.
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