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Author(s): Fricke, W.
Title: Precession und Galactic Rotation Derived from McCormick and Cape Proper Motions in the Systems of FK3, N30, and FK4
Source: Astron. J. 72, 642-649
Year: 1967
Abstract: The proper motions of faint stars provide a suitable basis for the determination of precession and galactic rotation, if the motions are known with respect to a fundamental system. For the purpose of this investigation the McCormick and Cape proper motions of stars of average photovisual magnitude 11.1, presented by Williams and Vyssotsky in the FK3 system, were reduced to the systems of N30 and FK4. In this paper it is shown that the correction DELTAp1 to Newcomb's lunisolar precession has the same value in the systems FK3, N30, and FK4, provided that the determinations are based on identical parts of the sky and that equal systems of weights are applied. Since it is not possible to exclude systematic errors from the McCormick and Cape material satisfactorily, there remains the intervall +1.08'' +/- 0.12'' <=DELTAp1 <= +1.38'' +/- 0.08'' for the centennial value of the correction. All three systems give the same value Q=-0.16'' +/- 0.03'' of Oort's constant corresponding to B=-7.6 +/- 1.4 km sec-1 kpc-1. Oort's constant P differs slightly in the three systems and depends on the weight of the proper motions in different parts of the sky. The average value of P obtained from the three systems is P=+0.33'' +/- 0.04'' corresponding to A=+15.5 +/- 1.9 km sec-1 kpc-1. With equal weight for McCormick and Cape motions, the value in the FK4 system is A=12 km sec-1 kpc-1. It is shown that some previous differential solutions of the problem have led to erroneous results because important characteristics of the primary solutions were disregarded.
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