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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie B, No. 14

Author(s): Wielen, R.
Title: Numerical Studies on the Dynamical Evolution of Star Cluster Models
Source: Bull. Astron. (Ser. 3) 2, 117-124
Year: 1967
Abstract: The numerical integration of the N-body problem has been carried out for two models of isolated star clusters. Each cluster contains 100 stars which are divided into 4 mass groups. The initial distribution of the stars in phase space corresponds to a stationary state of the star cluster in the collisionless continuum theory of stellar dynamics. We discuss especially the escape rates of the stars and the escape mechanism. The escape rates derived from the models do not disagree with most of the theoretically predicted escape rates. The escapers are not produced by a diffusion process for the stellar energy but each escape is caused by a single and sudden event (encounter).
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