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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie B, No. 4

Author(s): Stumpff, P.
Title: Zur Korrelation zwischen dem Auftreten von Kometenschweifen des Typ I und der solaren Korpuskularstrahlung
Source: Astron. Nachr. 286, 87-88
Year: 1961
Abstract: For 52 comets the correlation between type I-activity and the latitude of perihelion is studied. In the interval -30 deg <= beta <= +30 deg, 70% of the comets show a type I-tail. At greater latitudes the appearance of such tails decreases perceptibly. If the formation of type I-tails is caused by the solar corpuscular radiation as assumed by Biermann, then one may conclude that the dispersion of the solar particles is restricted to the latitude interval under consideration up to a distance of at least 0.5 A.U. (the mean perihelion distance of the comets investigated).
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