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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 234

Author(s): Wielen, R., Dettbarn, C., Fuchs, B., Jahreiß, H., Radons, G.
Title: Dynamics of Stellar Populations in Galactic Disks
Source: In: The Stellar Populations of Galaxies. Proc. IAU Symp. 149, Angra dos Reis, Brazil, 5-9 August 1991; B. Barbuy, A. Renzini (eds.), Kluwer, Dordrecht, p. 81-92
Year: 1992
Abstract: We discuss observational data and dynamical considerations on the age dependence of the spatial distribution and of the velocities of stars in disk galaxies (thick disk, thin disk, spiral arms). We present new results on the age-velocity relation, on the heating of a galactic disk by massive black holes, and on theoretically predicted luminosity and colour profiles in edge-on galaxies.
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