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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 225

Author(s): Gliese, W., Upgren, A.R.
Title: Parallaxes: History, Survey and Outlook
Source: In: Epitome Fundamentorum Astronomiae. Pars III. Parallaxes, Proper Motions and Radial Velocities; G. Teleki, B. Sevarlic (eds.), Publ. Obs. Astron. Belgrade 40, 7-18
Year: 1990
Abstract: A review of the history of parallax determinations gives a detailed description of the observations of trigonometric parallaxes beginning with the first successful measurements in 1838. It briefly mentions some unsuccessful attempts of the past and continues with the photographic work and progress in recent years. Dynamical parallaxes, cluster parallaxes and secular and statistical parallaxes are explained. More emphasis is laid on spectroscopic and photometric parallaxes and their calculations and use. Methods of estimation of large distances are briefly mentioned. Finally, a survey of the present state of parallax determinations is given along with an outlook for research in the near future.
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