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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 224

Author(s): Gliese, W., Jahreiß, H.
Title: The Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars. Errors and Uncertainties
Source: In: Errors, Bias and Uncertainties in Astronomy. Proc. Colloq., Strasbourg, France, 11-14 September 1989; C. Jaschek, F. Murtagh (eds.), Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, UK, p. 161-164
Year: 1990
Abstract: The forthcoming third edition of the Catalogue of Nearby Stars will originate from a data base which contains at present about 4700 stars. More than 1900 objects could be added within the last decade, and more than 75 per cent of these have still unknown trigonometric parallaxes and were selected due to their photometric or spectroscopic distances. This demonstrates how important it is to get reliable calibrations of colour-luminosity or spectral type-luminosity relations. Recent observations proved that more than one hundred stars from former editions are almost certainly much further away from the Sun than the 25 parsec we defined as our distance limit. In the past most of these stars were included on the basis of mis-classified spectra; they present a good example how important redundant information is to cope with erroneous data.
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