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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 203

Author(s): Schubart, J.
Title: Resonant Asteroids between the Main Belt and Jupiter's Orbit
Source: In: Long Term Evolution of Planetary Systems. Proc. Second Alexander von Humboldt Colloquium on Celestial Mechanics, Ramsau, Austria, 13-19 March 1988; R. Dvorak, J. Henrard (eds.), Celest. Mech. 43, 309-317
Year: 1988
Abstract: Selected orbits of asteroids close to the 3/2 and 4/3 resonances in the outer belt are studied by extended numerical integrations of the four-body-problem Sun-Jupiter-Saturn-asteroid. Jupiter's variable eccentricity causes strong or dominant effects in the asteroidal eccentricity, rate of perihelion, and critical argument. However, a suitable transformation removes most of these effects by the transition to respective new quantities. Cases of "circulation" can change to permanent libration in the new critical argument. This happens in the case of (1256) Normannia, one of the two objects found to be circulating near the 3/2 resonance in former work. The other object, (334) Chicago, remains a case of circulation and shows significant deviations from quasi-periodic motion, contrary to all the other studied "Hildas" (3/2 cases) and to (279) Thule (4/3). Temporary libration with respect to a resonance of high order is visible in the long-period evolution of Chicago's orbit. There are cases of some analogy further inward in the belt: (903) Nealley changes to permanent libration at the 2/1 resonance by the use of the new critical argument, and (522) Helga's orbit shows a non-quasi-periodic behaviour.
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