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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 185

Author(s): Schwan, H.
Title: Status Report of the Work on the FK5
Source: In: Highlights of Astronomy, Vol. 7; J.-P. Swings (ed.), Reidel, Dordrecht, p. 69-72
Year: 1986
Abstract: A survey is given on the tasks to be performed in the process of improving a fundamental system. Completed tasks are the derivation of corrections to the values for general precession and the determination of the FK4 equinox and equator. The selection of new fundamental stars and the improvement of the systematic and individual accuracy of the FK4 is in progress. A description of the observational material and of new methods of analysis is given. Preliminary results are reported.
Preprint issued:
Remarks: Presented at the 19th General Assembly of the IAU, New Delhi 1985

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