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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 147

Author(s): Hering, R., Röser, S.
Title: On the Spatial, Brightness and Colour Distribution of IRS Stars
Source: In: Processing of Scientific Data from the ESA Astrometry Satellite HIPPARCOS, Proc. F.A.S.T. Thinkshop, Asiago, Italy, 24-27 May 1983; P.L. Bernacca (ed.), Oss. Astron. Asiago, Univ. Padova, p. 131-134
Year: 1983
Abstract: The system of IRS (International Reference Stars) is analyzed with respect to spatial homogeneity, brightness and colour distribution of the stars. It will be shown that stars from IRS can be used as star mapper stars for the ESA space astrometry mission HIPPARCOS.
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