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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 143

Author(s): Fricke, W.
Title: On the Importance of Photographic Catalogues
Source: In: Epitome Fundamentorum Astronomiae; G. Teleki, B. Sevarlic (eds.), Publ. Belgrade Obs. No. 29, p. 7-14
Year: 1982
Abstract: The differences in the aims of photographic and meridian catalogues are outlined. While meridian observations provide the fundamental reference system defined by positions and proper motions of a few thousand bright stars, the photographic catalogues present such information based on differential measurements for several hundred thousand stars brighter than magnitude 13 visual. Furthermore, the blinking of pairs of plates with much fainter stars has allowed one to compile catalogues of stars with large proper motions which are candidates for parallax programmes. Finally, high accuracy photographic astrometry and radio-interferometry provide the link between the extragalactic reference system of positions and the fundamental system which rests upon the dynamics of the planetary system.
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