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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 131

Author(s): Fricke, W.
Title: On the Determination of the Equinox and Equator of the New Fundamental Reference Coordinate System, the FK5
Source: Celest. Mech. 22, 113-125
Year: 1980
Abstract: According to IAU recommendations for the improvement of the specification of the fundamental reference system, the positions and centennial variations in the FK5 shall correspond as closely as possible to the dynamical reference frame. Described here is the status of work on the determination of a correction to the FK4 equinox and a correction to the proper motions in right ascension of the FK4 such that the equinox of the FK5 corresponds at all times as closely as possible to the dynamical equinox. Evidence is presented for a correction to the right ascensions of the FK4 (equinox correction) of about E=0.050s at 1960, and for a correction to the FK4 proper motions of about DELTAmüalpha=(d/dt)E=+1.25'' per century. This investigation has given new findings on the deficiencies of older equinox determinations that have given rise to confusion for a long time. Concerning the determination of the equator point of the FK5 it appears that available new data do not support a significant correction to the FK4.
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