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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 127

Author(s): Schmadel, L.D., Zech, G.
Title: Polynomial Approximations for the Correction Delta T = E.T.- U.T. in the Period 1800-1975
Source: Acta Astron. 29, 101-104
Year: 1979
Abstract: Polynomial approximations for the empirical difference between Ephemeris and Universal Time are discussed in order to provide simple arithmetic means for computing purposes. The entire period 1972.6-1978.5 can be covered by a 12th degree polynomial with a mean error of less than one second. All coefficients are significant values well above the 3 sigma level of the mean coefficient errors. Coefficients, mean errors, and maximal residuals for polynomials of degree 8 to 16 are given as well as least-squares solutions fitting low-degree expressions to some smaller time intervals.
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