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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 42

Author(s): Brosche, P., Sündermann, J.
Title: Die Gezeiten des Meeres und die Rotation der Erde
Source: Pure and Applied Geophysics 86, 95-117
Year: 1971
Abstract: The problem of tidal friction as a cause of the secular deceleration of earth rotation was hitherto approached on the basis of estimating the kinetic energy dissipated by bottom friction. It would appear however, that in any analysis of the influence of oceanic tides on earth rotation the varying directions of the torques due to tidal streams and acting on the solid earth, must be taken into account. As examples for this, the torques due to tidal friction are calculated for the North Sea and for the 10°-world ocean, applying hydrodynamical-numerical methods. The results show that earth rotation is not retarded at all points of the world ocean, but that tidal areas exist exerting either decelerating or accelerating forces.
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