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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 29

Author(s): Brosche, P.
Title: Die maximalen Rotationsgeschwindigkeiten in Galaxien
Source: Z. Astrophys. 66, 161-169
Year: 1967
Abstract: The observed values for the maximum rotational velocities vm - or their lower limits - are listed for 53 galaxies. From these data, mean values and dispersions are obtained for groups of galaxies according to their type (spiral or irregular), kind of observation (optical or 21 cm line) and completeness of observed rotation curve. The mean maximum rotational velocity is vm = 220±63 km/sec from optically observed maxima in 27 spirals. All groups of data indicate a value vm systematically lower for the irregulars than for the spirals. This could even be understood by such evolutionary changes in the galactic structure which are compatible with conservation of mass and angular momentum. The released gravitational energy is capable of driving the turbulent motions of interstellar clouds.
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