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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 12

Author(s): Gliese, W.
Title: Die Geschwindigkeitsverteilung der M-Zwerge mit Emissionslinien
Source: Z. Astrophys. 45, 293-301
Year: 1958
Abstract: A comparison is made between the velocity distribution of 106 dMe stars and 202 M dwarfs whose spectra are not known to show any emission. The data used are free from selection effects. The solar velocity is 13 km/sec relative to the dMe stars and 23 km/sec relative to the dM stars. Velocity dispersion and number of high velocities are considerably smaller in the dMe group than in the dM group. The dMe stars show a vertex deviation of about 10 deg - 20 deg. This investigation demonstrates that marked differences exist in the kinematical behaviour of both groups. Asymmetry is present in both of them.
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