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ARI-Heidelberg Mitteilungen Serie A, No. 4

Author(s): Rabe, E.
Title: On the Origin of the Kirkwood Gaps and the Minor Planet Families
Source: Z. Astrophys. 40, 107-119
Year: 1956
Abstract: If proto-Jupiter's mass decreased to about 1/20 of its original amount, the commensurability gaps in the system of minor planets would be the direct gravitational consequence of Jupiter's gradual loss of mass. A detailed first order analysis of the Hecuba Group reveals that not only the related particular gap, but also the three maxima of the present frequency distribution between 535'' and 710'' would be explained by Jupiter's mass decrease. These results shed new light also on the origin of the minor planet families, because the major families in this region can now be easily understood as by products of the systematic orbital development which led to the formation of the crowded maxima in the present distribution of the mean motions.
Preprint issued:
Remarks: Paper read at the 94th meeting of the American Astronomical Society at Columbus, Ohio, March 1956.

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