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Systematic differences HIPPARCOS - FK5

The systematic differences between the HIPPARCOS catalogue and the FK5 (Part I) were derived for the construction of the FK6 (Part I) . The results are published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 367, p. 1078 (2001). We provide here software for the computation of the systematic differences HIPPARCOS - FK5 in position and proper motion as a function of the right ascension and declination (no magnitude equation was found). These systematic differences are the corrections which have to be added to position and/or proper motions given in the system of the FK5 (Part I) in order to transform them to the HIPPARCOS system. The systematic relations between the HIPPARCOS system and other important catalogues are provided here. For detailed information reference is made to H. Schwan, 2001, A&A373, 1099 and H. Schwan, 2002, A&A387, 1123.

The software package consists of five files :