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Synonyms for the names of authors in the ARIBIB:

The database ARIBIB makes use of a list of synonyms for the names of authors. This means that a query for one of the synonyms of an author gives as a result all the entries in the ARIBIB which contain either this name or any of the synonyms of this author.
For example, using the search string 'Kopernikus' will give you also the entries containing 'Copernicus' or 'Coppernicus'.
A second example is the synonym 'Regiomontanus' for 'J._Müller', who was born at Königsberg in Franken (Bavaria).
For modern authors, the synonym list contains usually various versions of the initials or of the exact writing of a name (e.g., E. Van Den Heuvel = E. P. van den Heuvel = E. P. J. van den Heuvel = E. P. J. Van den Heuvel = E. P. J. Van Den Heuvel )

The list of synonyms in a type-writer format can be used for looking for synonyms, e.g. by using the 'find' procedure of your browser.

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