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Astronomisches Rechen-Institut BIBliographical Database for Astronomical References

The Reference format and additional links:

The ARIBIB gives the bibliographical information - if possible - in the Reference format. It contains basically the author(s) or editor(s), title of the paper or book, bibliographic data for the source of the paper or book, keyword(s), and the reference number for the corresponding bibliography. For a paper in a symposium or book, the answer from the ARIBIB gives in a field 'See also:' a link to the ARIBIB record of this symposium or book.
Not included are abstracts (summaries) of papers.

Author(s): D. E. Jennings, D. Deming, G. McCabe, R. Noyes, G. Wiedemann, F. Espenak
Title: 12-μm observations at the 1991 eclipse.
Keywords: Sub-MM Observations:Solar Eclipses, Sub-MM Observations:Solar Limb, Solar Eclipses:1991 July 11, Solar Limb:Heights
Source: IAU Symposium No. 154: Infrared solar physics, p. 151 - 160
Year: 1994
See also: AAA061.012.009
Reference: AAA061.079.010

In some cases the ARIBIB gives the Bibcode, as defined by the Astrophysics Data System (ADS).

For some of the recent literature, the ARIBIB gives under 'Link to:' a link to the paper in the database(s) of the journal. This provides a direct link to the full text of the paper for those users whose organisations are subscribing to the electronic version of the journal. In most cases the ARIBIB gives besides the links to the 'home database' (H) of the journal also links to the 'mirror databases' (M). The location (country) of the database (H or M) is indicated by the car-plate code of the country, which is also used for the postal Zip code (e.g., D for Germany, F for France, GB for Great Britain = United Kingdom, J for Japan, NL for the Netherlands).

Author(s): A. Saha, A. Sandage, G. A. Tammann, L. Labhardt, F. D. Macchetto, N. Panagia
Title: Cepheid calibration of the peak brightness of Type Ia supernovae. IX. SN 1989B in NGC 3627.
Keywords: Distance Scale:Supernovae, Distance Scale:Cepheids, Hubble Constant:Supernovae, Galaxies:Distance Indicators
Source: Astrophys. J., Vol. 522, No. 2, p. 802 - 838
Year: 10 Sep 1999
Bibcode: 1999ApJ...522..802S
Link to: Database of the Journal (H USA)
Link to: Database of the Journal (M F)
Link to: Database of the Journal (M J)
Reference: AAA072.161.382

For papers of authors from the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, the ARIBIB gives under 'Link to:' a link to the information on the paper given in the database ARIPRINT of the institute.

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