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The Index format:

The Index format contains basically the author(s) or editor(s) [in alphabetic order], a year [the year of publication may be one or two years earlier], keyword(s), and the volume and page number of the cited bibliography. Not included are: title of the paper or book, bibliographic data for the source of the paper or book.
For most of the old bibliographies, at present only the author indices are available to us in a machine-readable version but neither the titles nor the sources of the papers. So, we think it is better to give at least the available index information than nothing at all about these papers in the ARIBIB.
For the literature before 1969, we are usually using the chapter titles of the bibliography as substitutes for individual keywords. The same is true for some of the older Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts (AAA) entries for which AAA has not provided individual keywords.

Author(s): Maskelyne, Herschel
Title: Not available (index format)
Keywords: Moon [Chapter title of LAL]
Source: Not available (index format)
Year: 1794
Image: Lalande p. 629, e. 2
Reference: LAL629.02
Author(s): W. Herschel, W. J. Huss
Title: Not available (index format)
Keywords: Biographies and Correspondence, Biographies, H [Chapter title of HLF]
Source: Not available (index format)
Year: 1786
Image: Houzeau-Lancaster Vol.1 , p. 919
Reference: HLF06849

The Image format:

The Image format is used for the old literature from ancient epochs until about 1880 (by J. C. Houzeau and A. Lancaster and by J. J. de Lalande), and for many volumes of the Astronomischer Jahresbericht (AJB) until 1968. The Image format contains the same information as the Index format, and provides an additional link to a GIF image of that page of the bibliography which cites the corresponding paper.
(Some of the links given in the Image format do not show the desired page, but only a message that this page is not accessible for external users. Then the user has to inspect a printed version of that bibliography. The information in the ARIBIB is helpful to give the volume number and the number of the page on which the corresponding paper(s) can be found.)

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