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ZAH Account Application Form

Use this form to make an application for a new account at ZAH, or to file for a new password of an existing account.

After filling the form, press the buttom "create form" and send the full output to our administrators (cut&paste).

The user name field should contain your proposal for an account name, or the already existing user name if you want to reset your password.

Your password will be encrypted immediately if you press the "create form" buttom. The encryption is assymetric and cannot be decrypted back to a clear value. The Linux system only needs the encrypted password to validate your login.

Please consider our rules for a strong password:

Forename :
Surname :
E-Mail address :

ITA only:
PC requirement
I need a PC at my workplace, but there currently is none
The above mail address is used to contact you if questions regarding the account creations should arise.
Location of the new account: ARI Linux-LAN or ISMSIM ITA LAN
(only used for existing accounts!)
Password: (repeat)