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ARI-Heidelberg Veröffentlichungen, No. 30

Author(s): Schwan, H.
Title: A Method for the Determination of a System of Positions and Proper Motions of Stars with an Application to the Washington 6 Inch TC Observations
Source: Veröffentlichungen Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Heidelberg, No. 30, Verlag G. Braun, Karlsruhe, 47 pages
Year: 1983
Abstract: In the present paper it is shown how a mean system of positions and proper motions of stars can be determined analytically. Using the formulae given by Bien et al. (1978) for the systematic differences Catalogue minus FK4 (Cat-FK4) a series development of the mean system of the catalogues involved is derived. Zero point corrections and catalogue errors are taken into account. This study has been made for providing a possible procedure for the determination of the system of the FK5. The method developed here has been tested by an application to the observations made with the Washington Six-Inch Transit Circle. The systematic differences between the FK4 and the catalogues W10, W25, W1/50, W2/50, W3/50, W4/50, W5/50, and the mean system which is defined by these catalogues are presented by analytical formulae and in tabular form. The results are discussed. In parallel to the analytical method, the system of the Washington Six-Inch Transit Circle has been derived by means of classical techniques. Both results agree very well. Finally it is shown that the developments are applicable for the case where a number of modern catalogues of observation shall serve for the improvement of the fundamental system.
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