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ARI-Heidelberg Veröffentlichungen, No. 20

Author(s): Nowacki, H., Strobel, W.
Title: Systematic Relations between 71 Star Catalogues and the FK3 and Weights
Source: Veröffentlichungen des Astronomischen Rechen-Instituts Heidelberg, Nr. 20, Verlag G. Braun, Karlsruhe, 43 Seiten
Year: 1968
Abstract: For the compilation of the Fourth Fundamental Catalogue (FK4) the systematic differences between many observational catalogues - mostly obtained with meridian circles - and the FK3 were determined. The system of FK3 served as an intermediate system in the compilation of FK4. The systematic differences (Cat-FK3) between 71 observational catalogues and FK3 are given in this publication. These differences may serve to derive corrections (FK4-Cat) to the star positions of the various catalogues by means of the relation


where the differences (FK4-FK3) are tabulated in FK4. By adding the difference (FK4-Cat) to the catalogue position of a star the position is reduced to the FK4 system. We prefer to communicate here the differences (Cat-FK3) instead of (FK4-Cat), since the latter will be derived afresh at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut by direct comparisons between the catalogues and FK4. The possibility of deriving the differences (FK4-Cat) via the FK3 will be of benefit to users of older star catalogues until the direct comparisons become available.
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