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ARI-Heidelberg Veröffentlichungen, No. 13

Author(s): Kopff, A., Nowacki, H., Strobel, W., Mürle, A.
Title: Formeln und Tafeln zur differentiellen Präzession und zur Übertragung von Eigenbewegungen
Source: Veröffentlichungen des Astronomischen Rechen-Instituts Heidelberg, Nr. 13, Verlag G. Braun, Karlsruhe, 29 Seiten
Year: 1964
Abstract: Series developments are generally serviceable for the reduction of positions and proper motions of stars. But when high-declination stars or large intervals of time are involved, rigorous trigono- metric formulas are required. The same distinction holds true when coordinate or proper-motion differences are to be reduced. In the present work the reductions of coordinate differences are handled, in the first place, by means of a series. Tables for the calculation of the coefficients of these series are provided in the appendix, p.13. Thereafter follow derivations of the formulas for the rigorous trigonometric reduction of proper motions with the aid of Andoyer's auxiliary angles for the polar triangle, which should also be used for the exact reduction of differences. Finally, in addition, approximate formulas for the trigonometric reduction of coordinate differences and proper motions have been derived, in order to make possible use of the tables for the high polar stars. In the compiling of FK3 Supp (Astron.-Geodät. Jahrbuch 1954 and 1956) the first and second terms for the reduction of positions (alpha,delta) and hundred-year proper motions (µ,µ') from 1950.0 to other epochs and equinoxes were taken from N30 or from GC. As a consequence of the systematic differences (DELTAalpha,DELTAdelta and DELTAµ,DELTAµ')of N30 and also of GC with respect to FK3, it was necessary to apply small corrections to the first and second terms. For this purpose the calculation of tables proved to be expedient. These tables later were also of service in reducing the individual differences Cat-FK3 to a common equinox.
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